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When you heal yourself and assist others with their self-healing, you heal the Earth. Barbara's mission is to provide massage therapy and be a helpful facilitator of healing for the body, mind and spirit of each client.  She...



I am certified in Manual Lymph Drainage for people who are at risk for or have minimal lymphedema. I now offer Oncology Massage, or massage for people living with cancer during diagnosis, treatment (chemotherapy or radiation), survivorship or at the end of life. Please call today for a complementary session of comfort-oriented touch!

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Welcome to Dynamic Massage and Bodywork, in Dothan, Alabama!  Barbara is a licensed massage therapist in Alabama and has been providing professional massage therapy for over 12 years.  Her massage practice is limited to women, with a special interest in the unique massage needs of breast cancer patients, lymphedema, women in mid-life, and pregnant women.  

Barbara's unique massage style focuses on providing you with an increase in well-being and relaxation while addressing your specific bodywork issues.  Your massage will begin with an opportunity to relax and be still, followed by a more active phase which focuses on your specific body aches and pains, and then the massage will conclude with a deeper relaxation that allows your body and mind to integrate the bodywork that was done. 

Pain relief, stress reduction and release of restrictions in muscles throughout the body including the abdominal area are achieved through a combination of Vodder method Manual Lymph Drainage, Oncology Massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, myoskeletal alignment, range of motion movements and CranioSacral Therapy. 

Thanks for visiting our website.  We look forward to meeting your massage and bodywork needs.  Please call for a free phone consultation and to set up an appointment.  Gift certificates are available!