About Me

When you heal yourself and assist others with their self-healing, you heal the Earth. Barbara's mission is to provide massage therapy and be a helpful facilitator of healing for the body, mind and spirit of each client.  She...



Practice is currently closed to clients.




Welcome to Dynamic Massage and Bodywork!  Barbara has been providing massage therapy in Dothan, Alabama for over 17 years.  Her massage therapy practice is currently closed. Previously she was only accepting women who have experienced a sudden and traumatic loss and are grieving; and women who are seeking help in managing lymphedema after cancer treatment.

Grief massage helps to alleviate some of the stressful physical discomforts associated with early grieving and offers a calming environment with gentle, slow touch which results in a sense of relaxation, less anxiety and less depression.  Barbara's ability to listen and create sacred presence allows the grief to be surrendered for a restful and peaceful moment.

Thanks for visiting our website.  We are closed and no longer seeing clients.